966119_557646847647658_1605404561_oThe Lake Wisconsin Alliance endeavors to balance the diverse interests of the Lake Wisconsin community while improving water quality, recreational opportunities, and sustaining a healthy ecosystem within the Lake Wisconsin watershed.

Lake Wisconsin Alliance Board of Directors


Mike Gleason – President (2023) Email: info@lakewisconsinalliance.org    phone: 608-644-8200

Kirk M Boehm – Vice President (2023) Email: kirk@lakewisconsinalliance.org phone: 608-635-8851

Tina Sebold – Secretary (2022)  Email: tsebold@tds.net 

Brandon Herbert – Treasurer (2021) Email: Brandon.Herbert@strand.com   

Board Members:

David Kell – Board Member (2020) Email: revskell2@gmail.com

Sandra Boehm – Board Member (2021) Email: sboehm@primate.wisc.edu   

Andrea Murray – Board Member (2023) Email: anlmur82@gmail.com

Rob Zumm – Board Member (2023) Rob-Jen5143@sbcglobal.net

Jenny Zumm – Board Member (2023) Rob-Jen5143@sbcglobal.net

Kevin Kessler – Board Member (2023) lakelodi000@gmail.com

Bob Hunt – Board Member (2023) bbhntbh@aol.com


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