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Spring 2018 Fish Shocking Demonstration

Thank you to everyone who braved the light rain and cooler temperatures to see the DNR crew demonstrate fish shocking at Whalen’s Grade. DNR Fisheries Biologist Nate Nye also provided a summary of the 2017 Comprehensive Fisheries Survey which can be accessed here.


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Lucky’s 4th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament Results

It was a gorgeous day for ice fishing at Lucky’s 4th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament on Saturday, February 10th! We had 27 entrants but not a whole lot of fish to speak of. Regardless, it was a great day and lots of folks walked away with cash, prizes, and some Vexilar, Kick’n Bass and LWA swag.

Thank you for supporting Lucky’s, Lake Wisconsin Alliance, and our lake!

Results (total inches caught):


1st- Vince Niesen 75 1/8″

2nd- Hayden Tadsyk 64 1/8″

3rd- Dan Tadsyk 63 7/8

4th- Mike Henry 36 1/2″

5th- Trevor Krantz 29 1/4″

Big Fish – Dan Tadsyk 17″ White Bass




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Vote for your favorite photo – LWA Annual Photo Contest

We had 32 entries into our first photo contest and they are spectacular! But now we need your help deciding which photo should be the cover photo of the 2018 LWA Calendar!

Please vote here. Voting closes on September 21st. Enjoy the photos!

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LWA 1st Annual Photo Contest!

We invite you to participate in our 1st Annual Photo contest!

The LWA is committed to a clean Lake Wisconsin for the enjoyment of future generations and we’d like to know: “what does your Lake Wisconsin look like?” What does Lake Wisconsin mean to you? Everyone sees Lake Wisconsin through a different lens, and we want you to show us your view!

Photos will be voted on by LWA members at the annual meeting on Saturday, August 26th. Winners will be featured on the LWA website and in the LWA 2018 calendar.

Entries will be accepted June 1st—August 20th via email

Submission requirements and official contest rules are available here.



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LWA Fish Shocking Demonstration Draws a Crowd!

Nearly 50 people attended a fish shocking demonstration on September 13th at Whalen’s Grade. The demonstration was one of a series of education seminars that are hosted by the Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA). Nate Nye and Weston Matthews with the Wisconsin DNR showed the group the equipment and methods used to complete fish surveys on the lake. They surveyed the entire grade and a portion of the backwater area south of Highway V. Although a number of game and non-game species were caught, Nate stated it was difficult to see the fish with the amount of algae at the surface.  These fish surveys can help estimate fish populations and the overall health of the lake. A comprehensive survey of Lake Wisconsin is planned for 2017.

If you have questions about this event, feel free to contact Melissa Keenan at 608-355-4838, or

img_1808 img_1811 img_1815 img_1821 img_1826 img_1827 img_1828 img_1832 img_1838 img_1842 img_1845 img_1846 img_1855 img_1865 img_1871

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Near Shore Fishery Survey Demonstration a Success!!

A small, but lively group of guests and residents attended the Near Shore Fishery Survey Demonstration on May 19th at Camp Rest Park & Boat Launch on Tipperary Road. The demonstration was hosted by the Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA) and was presented by Dave Marshall and Tim Larson, both retired DNR professionals who are now contractors that complete near shore fishery surveys. The surveys will be used to determine overall species diversity and water quality of the lake. Dave and Tim demonstrated their methods for surveying including electro-shocking and seine netting. A number of species were found at Camp Rest including pumpkin seed sunfish, yellow bullhead, willow cat, Johnny darter, and a state special concern mud darter. Smallmouth bass and rock bass were also found and are classified as environmentally intolerant or sensitive meaning their presence indicates good water quality. The LWA received a grant from the Prairie du Sac Aquatic Resources Enhancement Fund to complete near shore fishery surveys on Lake Wisconsin in 2015 and 2016. Dave and Tim will provide a full report to LWA later this year. The results from the 2015 surveys were presented to LWA in January 2016 and can be found on the LWA Website.

IMG_2180 IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2186 IMG_2191 IMG_2194 IMG_2189 IMG_2190 IMG_2199 IMG_2197 IMG_2238 IMG_2236 IMG_2234 IMG_2232 IMG_2230 IMG_2229 IMG_2228 IMG_2225 IMG_2224 IMG_2221 IMG_2216 IMG_2214 IMG_2213 IMG_2212 IMG_2211 IMG_2209 IMG_2207 IMG_2206 IMG_2204        IMG_2239 IMG_2240 IMG_2241 IMG_2243 IMG_2245 IMG_2246 IMG_2249 IMG_2251 IMG_2252 IMG_2253

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Lucky’s on the Lake Ice Fishing Tournament

20160123_151806 (522x640)

Due to ice conditions, the 2nd Annual “Lucky’s on the Lake Ice Fishing Tournament”, originally scheduled for January 16th, was held on the backup date of January 23rd on Lake Wisconsin. It was worth the wait because we had perfect weather, excellent ice conditions, good fishing, and both the tournament and the after-tournament party at Lucky’s, were well attended and an overall great success!

To start the day, tournament entrants came to Lucky’s on the Lake for breakfast and the tournament rules meeting, where the first 20 entrants each received a bottle of Kick’n Bass Fish Attractant and a Rod ArmorZ Ice fishing rod cover.

The ice anglers were then turned loose to fish on Lake Wisconsin until 3:30pm. First prize was awarded to local fisherman Nick Hellenbrandt. Nick got on fish right away and didn’t let up. He registered a mixed-bag total of 37 fish; which included a 25 fish legal limit of crappies. One of those black crappies Nick caught measured a whopping 16.25 inches!

A great time was had by all at Lucky’s on the Lake after-tournament party. Along with the cash prizes, bottles of Kick’n Bass Fish Attractant, Rod ArmorZ ice rod covers and other prizes were also awarded to those that placed in the tournament. In addition to the Lucky’s on the Lake meat raffle, Leinenkugels and Miller donated prizes that were raffled off as well including a really cool Leinenkugel’s fire pit shaped like a canoe and t-shirts from both Leinenkugels and Miller Brewing.

10% of the tournament proceeds were awarded to the Lake Wisconsin Alliance, whose mission is to balance the diverse interests of the Lake Wisconsin community while improving water quality, recreational opportunities, and sustaining a healthy ecosystem within the Lake Wisconsin watershed.

Special thanks to tournament sponsors Lucky’s on the Lake, Kick’n Bass, Rod ArmorZ, Leinenkugel’s and Miller Brewing, and all of the tournament entrants, for making the 2nd Annual “Lucky’s on the Lake Ice Fishing Tournament” such a great event.  Hope to see you next year!!!!


20160123_152213 (640x611) 20160123_151755 (484x640)Snapchat-69741314383872561 (640x389)

20160123_130147 (640x360) 20160123_132124 (640x360) 20160123_115504 (640x322)


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Leinenkugles “Canoes for a Cause” helps support LWA


The Lake Wisconsin Alliance would like to send Leinenkugels a very appreciative “Thank You” from the Board of Directors and all of it’s members for Leinenkugles’ $1000.00 contribution as a result of the Canoes for Cause promotions done over the summer on Lake Wisconsin.

We also want to thank and recognize Nick Leis from Frank Distributors for organizing these fund raising events over the summer as it was his efforts that brought all of us together for these events.

We will surely spend the money wisely in our efforts to ensure the water quality and recreational activities on Lake Wisconsin.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with Leinenkugles next year and raising even more funds!!!!

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Fish Shocking Seminar at Whalen Grade

Thanks to everyone (nearly 60!) that came out and participated in the DNRs fish shocking demonstration. We had a great turn out. Thanks Nate and Dan!!! Please consider joining the Lake Wisconsin Alliance so we can continue work such as this.

Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin

Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin

Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin

Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin Fish Shocking Seminar on Lake Wisconsin

Join the Lake Wisconsin Alliance Today!