Near Shore Fishery Survey Demonstration a Success!!

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Near Shore Fishery Survey Demonstration a Success!!

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A small, but lively group of guests and residents attended the Near Shore Fishery Survey Demonstration on May 19th at Camp Rest Park & Boat Launch on Tipperary Road. The demonstration was hosted by the Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA) and was presented by Dave Marshall and Tim Larson, both retired DNR professionals who are now contractors that complete near shore fishery surveys. The surveys will be used to determine overall species diversity and water quality of the lake. Dave and Tim demonstrated their methods for surveying including electro-shocking and seine netting. A number of species were found at Camp Rest including pumpkin seed sunfish, yellow bullhead, willow cat, Johnny darter, and a state special concern mud darter. Smallmouth bass and rock bass were also found and are classified as environmentally intolerant or sensitive meaning their presence indicates good water quality. The LWA received a grant from the Prairie du Sac Aquatic Resources Enhancement Fund to complete near shore fishery surveys on Lake Wisconsin in 2015 and 2016. Dave and Tim will provide a full report to LWA later this year. The results from the 2015 surveys were presented to LWA in January 2016 and can be found on the LWA Website.

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