Solar Lighted Buoy Project

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Solar Lighted Buoy Project


Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA) and Grade Boat Club (GBC) recently partnered to install night navigation aid lights on approximately half of the buoys in Lake Wisconsin.  The lights were installed from the west end of the buoys toward the Dam to near Tipperary Point and into a number of bays.  Funding for this project was provided by the DNR Recreational Boating Facilities Grant Program, Lake Wisconsin Alliances, and the Grade Boat Club.   This effort is Phase 1 of a plan to install lights on all of the buoys in the Lake.  We will be monitoring the light’s performance and public comments through the remainder of the boating season to incorporate in Phase 2 of completing the light installation on remaining buoys.  Please contact LWA or GBC with any comments you may have regarding the lights on the buoys.


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