Old Badger Pumping Station in Weigands Bay

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Old Badger Pumping Station in Weigands Bay


Badger pump station” located in Sauk County, in Weigands Bay on Lake Wisconsin, parcel #026-0177-00000 Status:

During a conversation with the DNR we learned that in the 2013 demo work on all portions of the building containing lead or asbestos such as roof beams, mechanical items, ceiling tiles, doors, electrical panels, window glazing were removed and disposed of properly.  The exterior paint on the building was tested and was found not to contain lead requiring it to be removed. 

A project has been submitted to complete the removal of this building since 2013.  That project never received funding.  In 2019 the project was updated and resubmitted. They are hoping this project will receive funding and approvals for implementation in the 2023 -2025 biennium if not sooner.  Completion of this project is high on the priority list for the development of the Sauk Prairie State Recreation Area. 

Should we learn of any changes or updates we will post them.