Past Education Seminar Materials


Education seminars are hosted by the Lake Wisconsin Alliance every other month at different venues around the lake. Check out the events calendar to see upcoming topics.


January 2015 – “Restored Shorelines = Healthy Fish and Wildlife Populations”

Susan Graham Presentation

Dave Marshall Presentation

Shoreline Restoration Local Contacts

May 2015 – Fish Shocking Demonstration at Whalen’s Grade

Event Photos

July 2015 – “Blue-green Algal Blooms in Wisconsin: Identification, Ecology, Causes, and Potential Health Effects”

Gina LaLiberte Presentation

Sarah Koske Presentation

Mike Gilbertson Presentation

September 2015 –  Shoreline Erosion Site Tour

Shoreline Erosion Site Tour Press Release

November 2015 – “Piers, Docks, & Wharves: Wisconsin Pier Regulations”

Martin Griffin Presentation

January 2016 – “Surveys of Nearshore Fish Populations in Lake Wisconsin”

Dave Marshall & Tim Larson Presentation

March 2016 – “Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Changes & Impacts to Lake Wisconsin Residents”

Randy Thompson Presentation

Brian Cunningham Presentation

August 27, 2016 – Lake Wisconsin Alliance Annual Meeting

Dave Marshall: Lake Wisconsin Near Shore Fishery Survey Results

Nate Nye: State of Lake Wisconsin Walleye Fishery

November 2016 – Nonpoint Source (agricultural and urban runoff) Reductions in the Lake Wisconsin Watershed

Kurt Calkins Presentation

February 2017 – History of Railroads in Sauk County, Wisconsin & Improvement Plans for the Merrimac Railroad Bridge

Virgil Kasper Video Recording (1 of 3)

Virgil Kasper Video Recording (2 of 3)

Virgil Kasper Video Recording (3 of 3)

March 2017 – Aquatic Invasive Species: Unwelcome Trespassers of our Lakes and Rivers

Neil Slifka Presentation

July 2017 – Get the “Scoop” on the Merrimac Ferry: Presentation & Ice Cream Social!

John Steiner Presentation

Char Olson Short Version

Char Olson Long Version

January 2018 – Lake Wisconsin Fishery Update

Nate Nye Presentation

June 2018 – Wisconsin River TMDL Presentation

Matt Diebel Presentation

August 25, 2018 – Lake Wisconsin Alliance Annual Meeting

Jennifer Thieme Presentation