966119_557646847647658_1605404561_oThe Lake Wisconsin Alliance endeavors to balance the diverse interests of the Lake Wisconsin community while improving water quality, recreational opportunities, and sustaining a healthy ecosystem within the Lake Wisconsin watershed.

Lake Wisconsin Alliance Board of Directors


Mike Gleason – President (2023) Email: info@lakewisconsinalliance.org    phone: 608-644-8200

I’m originally from Chicago, but have spent almost all of my life vacationing and recreating in Wisconsin. When I was a kid my Grandmother had an 80 acre farm in Pardeeville and my parents lived in Pardeeville for 20 years. My wife, Sue and I are now retired and last October we made our Lake Wisconsin home our full time residence,   I’ve been a Lake Wisconsin Board Member for over 3 years now.  I’m involved because I want to see the quality of the water and nature of Lake Wisconsin improve and remain vibrant for the Community for many years to come. My wife and I live on Southern Lake Wisconsin’s west side in Merrimac Township on Inspiration Drive.

Kirk M Boehm – Vice President (2023) Email: kirk@lakewisconsinalliance.org phone: 608-635-8851

My wife and I live full-time on Wildwood Way, a bluff overlooking Lake Wisconsin, where the river and lake come together.  My wife and I built here in 2003 as we wanted to raise our two boys in a more rural area and somewhere they could learn to fish, boat, waterski, and just enjoy all the other recreational opportunities of Lake Wisconsin.  I am one of the original founders of the Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA).  My interest in helping start LWA was in doing my part to help assure the water quality for my family and for future generations.  Also, because I sell real estate on the lake, I have a professional interest in maintaining the water quality/real estate values.   We feel very very fortunate to live here and partake in the great recreational opportunities of Lake Wisconsin.

Tina Sebold – Secretary (2022)  Email: tsebold@tds.net   

I am originally from Central Wisconsin, and moved to this area from Madison 20 years ago.  I fished the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, which is part of the Wisconsin River system, as a kid, and remember vividly the ‘green paint’ on the water surface that we spent hours cleaning from our fishing gear.  I am involved with the LWA because of my interest in water quality and maintaining the fishery and recreational uses of the Wisconsin River and Lake Wisconsin.  I have been a LWA member since it was founded and I live on the river upstream of Lake Wisconsin. 

Brandon Herbert – Treasurer (2024) Email: Brandon.Herbert@strand.com   

Originally from Madison, currently live in Waunakee.  I have been recreating on Lake Wisconsin since high school and my in-laws own a home on the lake in Harmony Grove.  My wife and I got married at the old Sunset Resort over-looking the lake 7 years ago.  We both enjoy swimming, visiting the sand bars, and fishing – specifically for sturgeon in September.  I became involved in the Lake Wisconsin Alliance because its mission to protect the water quality and preserve recreational opportunities is very important for the lake and my personal interests as well.  As a civil engineer, I also find it important to balance human development and interests while still preserving clean water, clean air, and wild places.  Serving on the Lake Wisconsin Board of Directors allows me to help preserve the water quality, ecosystem, and wild places on the Lake. 

Board Members:

David Kell – Board Member (2023) Email: revskell2@gmail.com

My wife Barbara and I are both retired United Methodist pastors from Northern Illinois.  We live on the North side of Lake Wisconsin on Koepp Rd.  We built our house in 1990, but moved in full time in 2014. I started fishing this lake in 1978 and have enjoyed so many hours here.  I want to keep the lake in as good a shape as when I found it for my kids and grandkids to enjoy for years to come.  We can do much when we work together for a common cause of protecting our environment.  I enjoy participating in several environmental groups like Powered Up Baraboo that work to bring more solar energy to our communities.  I have been a part of Lake Wisconsin Alliance for several years. At first I was part of the education team and now am the membership chairperson. 

Andrea Murray – Board Member (2023) Email: anlmur82@gmail.com

I’m originally from Illinois, but have vacationed in parts of Wisconsin my entire life.  Since I was a child, it was my dream to live on the lake.  Now that I’ve realized that dream, I better understand the challenges and importance of water quality and wetland/shoreline quality.  I joined the Lake Wisconsin Alliance because I believe in the purpose and want to be part of the future of Lake Wisconsin.  I joined the board this year to represent the Okee Bay area.

Rob Zumm – Board Member (2023) Rob-Jen5143@sbcglobal.net

Rob and I live on Lake Wisconsin on the “fingers” in Harmony Grove.  We have been weekenders from 2002 to 2016 when we moved to Lodi full time.  Jenny grew up fishing on Lake Winnebago and the Wolf River and Rob spent a lot of his summers in the lakes in NW Wisconsin.  We love Lake Wisconsin and what it has to offer and want to help see that others will for generations to come.  We are new to the Lake Wisconsin Alliance Board getting nominated and approved this year.

Jenny Zumm – Board Member (2023) Rob-Jen5143@sbcglobal.net

See Rob Zumm’s Bio

Bob Hunt – Board Member (2023) bbhntbh@aol.com

I grew up on Okee Bay where my grandfather purchased property during WWII. My father and mother planted a grove of Norway pines the year I was born (1953). Local Baby Boomers referred to our place as Hunt’s Point. Nature, land, and water are part of my life. Lodi’s Spring Creek which brings a large amount of runoff into Lake Wisconsin, is a favorite place of mine to kayak. I’ve enjoyed the relatively (?) clean water of the lake to swim.  I’ve had speedboats, a pontoon, and fishing boat over the years. I support the Lake Wisconsin Alliance to preserve the natural lake area and make the lake water cleaner and more enjoyable.

Steve Neander – Board Member (2024) neander98@aol.com



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