Frequently Asked Questions

By contributing to Lake WI Alliance:

  • You help in the efforts to provide regularly scheduled educational and informational meetings regarding issues of the Lake WI watershed.
  • You are eligible to vote at member meetings.
  • You receive regular informational updates about the Lake WI watershed.
  • You assist in the organization’s efforts to seek grants to provide programs to benefit the quality of the lake area.

  • Participate in a LWA event.
  • Attend a monthly LWA meeting.
  • Join a committee, Board of Directors.
  • Stay informed about the Lake Wisconsin area by visiting the LWA website:
  • Invite the LWA to present at your community or association meeting.
  • Encourage your homeowner’s or condo association to become a member of LWA.
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • To contact LWA go to the Contact Drop Down Tab on this website

  • Lake WI Alliance is a fully volunteer organization. No funds go to any staff salaries.
  • The board of directors through an annual budgeting process decide on ways to responsibly allocate funds.
  • Much of the funding goes to provide the educational and informational programs available to all members.
  • Other funding goes to providing methods of keeping members informed of issues, events and best practices relating to the Lake WI watershed.

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