Environmental Citizen Award

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Environmental Citizen Award


Friend of Lodi Award (640x480)


Lake Wisconsin Alliance is very appreciative and humbled by the Environmental Citizen Award bestowed on them by the Friends of the Scenic Lodi Valley.  This award is presented to organizations and individuals who have championed innovative programs or processes that protect the environment; issues champions that have effectively battled environmental challenges; acted as consistent leaders in the environmental movement; actively carried the FSLV mission to decision-makers and the public; or served as decision-makers that consistently promoted legislation or regulations that protect the environment.

Bill Welch the President of the Friends of the Scenic Lodi Valley noted our excellent educational seminars as a great resource to the Lake Wisconsin community. Lake Wisconsin Alliance would like to recognize the great job that Melissa Keenan has done in this regard as she is the force behind these seminars, finding speakers and making arrangements for the seminars, her efforts are greatly appreciated by all!