LWA Fish Shocking Demonstration Draws a Crowd!

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LWA Fish Shocking Demonstration Draws a Crowd!


Nearly 50 people attended a fish shocking demonstration on September 13th at Whalen’s Grade. The demonstration was one of a series of education seminars that are hosted by the Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA). Nate Nye and Weston Matthews with the Wisconsin DNR showed the group the equipment and methods used to complete fish surveys on the lake. They surveyed the entire grade and a portion of the backwater area south of Highway V. Although a number of game and non-game species were caught, Nate stated it was difficult to see the fish with the amount of algae at the surface.  These fish surveys can help estimate fish populations and the overall health of the lake. A comprehensive survey of Lake Wisconsin is planned for 2017.

If you have questions about this event, feel free to contact Melissa Keenan at 608-355-4838, or [email protected].

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