THANK YOU! LWA nears 200 members

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THANK YOU! LWA nears 200 members









The Lake Wisconsin Alliance (LWA) would like to express its gratitude regarding the tremendous expression of support we have received this year from citizens and local businesses supporting the organization.  Last year at this time we had approximately 50 members and this year we are just shy of 200 members.

LWA would like to high lite the contributions of two individuals for their very welcome and significant contributions.

Bill and Mimi McInerney first discovered Lake Wisconsin in 1972 and vowed that if ever they could afford a second home, it would be on Lake Wisconsin. In 1986 they purchased their lake house in Harmony Grove and have been enjoying and improving it ever since.

The McInerney’s owned a global logistics company (also known as a freight forwarder) and in that capacity made hundreds of international trips around the world.  As a result of those experiences, Bill says he was often asked “what is my favorite place to visit?”  Bill’s response “the truth is that since 1986, Lake Wisconsin has been that place”.  Bill says that if more than a few weeks pass between visits, he starts to get anxious.  I love the sunsets over the Baraboo Bluffs.  I love the way those hills appear in different light.  I like to walk on the frozen lake in January on a brilliant sunny day when it is not windy.  The grandkids enjoy catching minnows off the sandbars, and seeing turtles perched on fallen tree limbs.  It just never gets old and I feel like a very lucky man to be able to call a place like this home.  It is our privilege to help in any way possible to preserve this wonderful lake for future generations. LWA is very thankful for Bill’s and Mimi’s very generous donation of $5000.00

LWA also wants to recognize Ed and Ann Hastreiter for their generous donation of $400.00.

Ed and Ann built a new home on Lake Wisconsin next to the Merrimac Ferry in 2003 and moved here to be on the lake and enjoy the beauty of the area. During this same time they made a visit to Germany to visit the “homeland” as Ed’s Grandfather immigrated to the US from Furthenwald Germany in the 1800s. Part of their mission during the visit was to find long lost relatives. Later that same year they found out that there were Hastreiter’s that lived in the Baraboo Hills, overlooking Lake WI and as coincidence would have these “Hastreiters” were born and grew up in Furthenwald too and were related to Ed. They moved to the US in the 1950’s. Turns out their long lost relatives were in their back yard.